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ABOUT US is Australia’s No 1 site for furniture, furnishing & fit-outs, with hundreds of furniture suppliers & stores and 1,000,000+ products.  Search, find, compare and buy all in one place, gaining access to products across the whole industry, with new releases and live sales in real-time.

Furniture, furnishing & fit-out suppliers of all sizes, styles and price points have their own online showroom within our site, where they offer their products, run sales and clearances, and sell their products.  And because the suppliers are all over Australia, you will be able to find furniture and furniture stores in all capital cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. There are also thousands of fantastic furniture items from retailers in regional areas, which you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. We’re bringing together all of Australia’s furniture and furnishings in one online place, so you can find and buy your perfect furniture – online or in store.  We also run lots of promotions, so Register Now and happy shopping!

How to shop with Sawce:

1. Shop by category using the menu, or type your exact requirement into the search box
2. Browse the search results to find your perfect furniture, and you can also filter by colour, size, material and more
3. Buy directly online or make an enquiry if you have any questions or for volume orders 

If you're a furniture retailer and would like to set up your online store, register here: Selling On Sawce